Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Some people find their unwanted hair so embarrassing and inconvenient that it compromises their confidence and happiness. Many men and women find they must shave daily to maintain a groomed look. Laser hair removal is the most state-of-the-art and high-tech method in removing unwanted hair for longer and even indefinite periods of time. It is the only proven method available for easily removing hair from all different parts of the body permanently. Laser hair removal is effective, precise, cost efficient, and with no down time. Now you can stop all the old methods of hair removal (shaving, tweezing, waxing, depilatory creams) that provide temporary fixes. No more worrying about the appearance of cuts, nicks, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs. There are different lasers available to choose from based on the skin type, hair density, and the area.

  • The Soprano ICE Platinum offers breakthrough hair removal technology using a diode laser based on an Alexandrite wavelength, allowing for even better energy absorption by the melanin chromophore. The powerful absorption that is possible with the Alex wavelength combined with the contact cooling, treatment coverage, and comfort provides an ideal solution for the widest range of hair types and color – especially light-colored and thin hair. It works by gradually heating the dermis to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents re-growth, while avoiding injury to the surrounding tissue.
  • The Nd-Yag laser from Cutera is a long pulsed laser. It is one of the safest type of lasers available that can remove hair on dark skin (types IV-VI). The Nd-Yag laser has a longer wavelength which allows the energy to bypass the skin level and penetrate deeper down to the hair follicles without causing any skin adverse effect.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The laser produces a beam of concentrated light. The light emitted is absorbed by the pigment or melanin located in hair follicles. The laser heats up the hair and significantly impedes the follicles ability to re-grow. An important part of the procedure is the cooling of the skin. It protects and cools the upper layer of the skin before, during, and after each laser pulse while directing the laser energy to the hair root. The combination of this cooling method and other important key parameters allows for safe and effective treatment for all skin types.

How do I Prepare For Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

The area treated should be shaved the day of the treatment or the day before to minimize any hair on the surface of the skin. Hair on the outside can burn and will reduce the laser energy delivered to the hair follicle where it has its beneficial effect. Waxing, tweezing, sugaring, or depilatory creams should also be avoided at least 2-4 weeks before treatment as this removes the hair inside the follicle. Without a hair inside the follicle, laser hair removal would not have any effect. It is especially important to protect the treated area from sun exposure. The area must be in natural skin tone for a safe & effective treatment.

The length of a laser hair removal treatment may last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more, depending on the size of the area being treated. It is important to know that the hair in active growth (Anagen phase) respond the best to the laser. Since all hairs are not in this phase at the same time, several treatments will be necessary to achieve the best results. Treatments are done at intervals of 4-10 weeks, depending on the area of the body being treated.

Laser Hair Removal FAQs

How does Lotus Laser & Spa personalize its Laser Hair Removal Services?

We understand that every individual's skin is unique, and hence our expert therapists provide personalized care to meet the specific needs of your skin type. Our approach to beauty is holistic, focusing on the overall health and wellness of your skin. We go beyond just removing hair; we strive to enhance your natural beauty and boost your self-esteem.

What can I expect from my visit to Lotus Laser & Spa for Laser Hair Removal Services?

With Lotus Laser & Spa, you can expect a journey towards effortless beauty. Our premier hair removal services are designed to give you a smooth, hair-free skin that exudes elegance and radiates confidence. We promise long-lasting results, freeing you from the hassle of daily shaving. Our laser specialist ensure a high level of personalized care, leaving you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and satisfied with your treatment results.

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